Shared Folders In VMWare Player

To your VMX file do the following:

First, add the following line that says how many shared folders you have:

sharedFolder.maxNum = "2"

Next, for each shared folder, starting with 0 (zero) you add a few lines describing it.

sharedFolder0.present = "TRUE"
sharedFolder0.enabled = "TRUE"
sharedFolder0.readAccess = "TRUE"
sharedFolder0.writeAccess = "FALSE"
sharedFolder0.hostPath = "/home/chris/"
sharedFolder0.guestName = "chris"
sharedFolder0.expiration = "never"

sharedFolder1.present = "TRUE"
sharedFolder1.enabled = "TRUE"
sharedFolder1.readAccess = "TRUE"
sharedFolder1.writeAccess = "FALSE"
sharedFolder1.hostPath = "/tmp"
sharedFolder1.guestName = "tmp"
sharedFolder1.expiration = "never"