Setting up dual monitors with Nvidia

This has only been tested under 8.04 Hardy Heron

Intrebid Ibex does not have displayconfig-gtk so this guide will probably not work!

Download the latest Nvidia driver from:

Kill all X sessions and as root, execute the downloaded .run / .pkg file by running:
sh NVIDIA....

Only plug in one monitor and use displayconfig-gtk to setup this monitor.
Make sure you choose the 'nvidia' driver and not the 'nv' driver.

Setup the resolution etc then log out of X (CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE) and log back in to check it works.

You may need to plug in the second monitor before running X and run: nvidia-settings
From here you can enable xinerama and specify that both monitors are on separate X screens
I don't use TwinView as it has caused problems

With the second monitor plugged in, you may need to run displayconfig-gtk to setup the second monitor.